Saturday, 11 December 2010

Comparing Objects in China Town

Walking around Chinatown it is hard to ignore the statement made by the lines of hanging lanterns across the sky. They hang throughout the streets and in nearly all of the shops and restaurants. You can also buy them in the shop to take home as souvenirs. The lanterns look impressive and help to give Chinatown it's Identity. When you see the lanterns, you know you are in Chinatown. The bright colours make it look like there is always a celebration.

When you take the lanterns out of the surroundings of Chinatown, and look at them on their own, you still have to appreciate the mechanics of the lantern, and you realise how difficult they would be to make yourself. However, they are mass produced items and are made from cheap paper and cardboard. But yet to buy cost about £5. They can also very easily look tacky. You do wonder what people in China think of them, and it is hard to imagine that many people would have them in their homes in China. They may be more of a tourist, money making construction, than an accurate representation of something that is truly Chinese.

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