Friday, 7 January 2011

Pop-up2- Heavyweight

My new pop-up is based around the concept of weight. I've started by looking mainly at obesity and fattening foods. Ive been drawing fast-food and things like doughnuts and waffles, trying to portray the greasy, sickly qualities of the food by using materials which have this quality. I have been doing a lot of dipping pen and ink drawings combined with watercolour because when the ink drips and you draw in a loose way it suggests that the food has a sloppy texture.

Something that I thought might be good to use in my work were the little pots that you pump the ketchup into, in places like MacDonald's. They look quite simple, but when you deconstruct them you see that how they have been folded is quite interesting. Also you can stack them and slightly change each one to create different forms.

I have kept a MacDonald's Big Mac for weeks now, to draw and take photos of, and I am amazed at how it has managed to keep. The amount of chemicals the food is pumped with is quite apparent. When the food is cold and you actually look at the 'meat' properly, it makes your stomach curl. There are a lot of layers in the Big Mac which makes it good to draw. However there aren't many different colours to draw as there is a huge lack of salad.

However, I can't pretend that the doughnut looks at all disgusting. I liked the colours in the doughnuts, like the pastel pink.  I tried drawing the sprinkles in continuous line which made quite a nice pattern.

I have also tried drawing some weighing scales and i might start looking into obesity more. I'm enjoying this idea at the moment and it is easy to bring more objects into draw as they are very easily accessible and cheap.

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