Monday, 7 February 2011

Aware: Art Fashion Identity

Mumbai: A Laundry Field 2007-2008
The way of life for these people in Mumbai seems so removed from our lives in Britain. Yet, it is not nearly as distant as you might think. 10's of thousands of Laudrymen make their living by cleaning the fabric which is then used for many items of clothing on our highstreets. The video makes us think about the journey that our clothes go on before they reach us, and force us to think about the impact our need for fast and cheap fashion has on the rest of the world.

Marina Abramovic
Imponderabilia, 1977
Marina Abramovic's piece looked to explore the idea of the taboo of nudity. Ambramovic and her partner Ulay stood naked in the entrance to a gallery in Bolegna. They stood the perfect distance from each other as to force visitors to squeeze between the pair, most people unable to avoid contact. The video then recorded the visitors reactions. Some were unfaised, or at least tried to appear that way. Some laughed nervously and some rushed through as quickly as they could. It put the visitors in a situation which would usually be very personal as the visitors are in the artists personal space and have forced physical contact with their naked bodies. Despite this, the whole situation is very impersonal, as the visitors enter one by one and then are quickly replaced with the next visitor to the gallery without any introduction to the artists.
Gillian wearing RA- sixty minute silence 1996- authority of clothing, dynamics, ranked pose,
This piece felt like a very strange phenononem, although it is a video, being able to sit and stare at people and have them all gazing back at you seamed odd.The Video shows you about each persons personalities.As the time goes on they all go from having a stern and professional front for the camera, to slowly they all start to relax and their true personalities start to show through. You can look at them and see, do they have silly nervous facial twitches? Do they look around to see what each other are doing?  Do they  look down at themselves? Are they bored? Frustrated? Tierd? Looking away to avoid eye contact with the camera?

Sharif Waked
Chic Point 2003
Fashion for ireali checkpoints m
ade me feel uncomfortable. Pictures of men in awful life threatening situations are placed next to videos of light hearted/humerous fashion. I'm sure it was meant to be serious but it didn't seem that way to me. The fashion was interesting fashion though- suit jacket and shirt cut in half.

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