Saturday, 12 February 2011

Reflective Statement

I think I have been quite engaged and committed throughout the rotations. I have been interested to see what each rotation has to offer and to learn what it kind of work I would be doing if I specialised in that area.  I have learnt which aspects of textiles I enjoy and which ones I don’t enjoy so much. I like stitch and print, and would like to specialise in Print Plus.  I have learnt that although Knit really interests me, I don’t think it would suit me to specialise in this area. I would like to learn more about weave, however specialising in it would be too much for me as it is a very technical area. I find print and stitch more experimental and I feel you can do anything you like in those areas.
 I found it hard to write my blog in an informal way. I found it hard to get a good balance between writing descriptively and writing my own opinions on the tasks and exhibitions. I think that I have communicated my ideas well and I think everything is quite clearly laid out. I also think I have used relevant photos to illustrate my points. I have used a mixture of photos I have taken and photos found on the internet. This is because some time I wasn’t allowed to take photos in the exhibitions, or the lighting didn’t let me take good photos. To improve my blog, I would have written short entries as I went along giving an update on how my work was going in the rotations, rather than doing it all in one entry at the end. I do think my blog shows that I was engaged and interested in the work I was doing.

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